Watching loved ones slip away at the hands of Alzheimer’s disease and recognizing the multi-faceted challenges and unique complexities to navigating this illusive illness, as well as facing the stigmas that keeps many serious health issues from being widely discussed, led to the creation of 21Voices. Through the power and scope of film, music, art and media, 21Voices aims to drive awareness, understanding and compassion to serious social and health issues like Alzheimer’s disease.

As one of the costliest chronic diseases, affecting 5.4 million Americans this year, Alzheimer’s will carry a price tag of nearly $236 billion for our nation. With just under half the cost borne by Medicare, this puts a significant financial responsibility on families, a burden many can’t afford. And, with the baby boom generation approaching 65+, the age range of greatest risk of Alzheimer’s disease, the numbers and burden will continue to soar without significant treatment breakthroughs. There is no question that the impact is wide-spread, and voices need to unite to evoke change for our society.

True to its mission, 21Voices is setting out to create a first of its kind documentary - 21Voices: Touched by Alzheimer’s - an unflinching, wide ranging and comprehensive look at the ongoing detrimental effects of Alzheimer's disease. Through the lens of twenty-one voices and varied perspectives, the film will illuminate the crushing impact Alzheimer’s has on families and the ever-increasing ripple effect it’s having on our society. Interviewees will range from those living with Alzheimer’s to family members and dedicated caretakers coping with the unpredictable and often frightening nature of how the symptoms manifest to scientists and medical researchers working to cure this illusive disease with cutting edge techniques.