Carol Massaro

Co-Founder/Executive Producer

Carol Massaro founded the Joseph A. Massaro, Jr. Alzheimer’s Research Fund in 2012, which is named for her beloved husband. To date, the J.A.M.,Jr. Alzheimer’s Research Fund has raised over $500,000 to support research within the Pittsburgh Alzheimer’s medical community.

A native of Pittsburgh and a graduate of Chatham College, Carol has been actively involved in the city’s deserving causes, including being a member of The 25 Club at the Magee-Women’s Hospital. As a member, Carol has raised awareness and support for the hospital including $100,000 benefitting the Neonatal Unit at the Magee-Women’s Hospital.

Coupling her skills for awareness-and-fund-raising with her determination to bring a change to the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s, Carol has embraced the power of documentary film and its ability to build bridges of communication and compassion. As a producer of 21Voices: Touched by Alzheimer’s, Carol’s aim is to unveil to a mass audience the far reaching impact of Alzheimer’s on our society.

Jacob Hanchar

Co-Founder/Executive Producer

Jacob Hanchar possesses a unique blend of know-how both in business and academia. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Medical Pharmacology from UCLA and an MBA from the Tepper School at CMU.

Pulling from a diverse background, he acts as an angel investor and mentor to start-up companies and was honored to lend his talents to the launch and growth of 21Voices. Jacob is especially passionate about helping find a cure for Alzheimer's, motivated by his loss of a loved one to the disease.

Tom Kurlander


Tom Kurlander has over 30 years in the entertainment business in acting, music and creating documentary films. In 2005, Tom founded Family Shorts, a documentary film production company that has helped tell the stories of Pittsburgh businesses, organizations and families including Bill Strickland & Manchester Manchester, Community Day School, David and Cynthia Shapira and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh. He directs features, documentaries, music videos, web series and commercials. Tom is also Founder/CEO of Pale Blue Entertainment which opened a Pittsburgh production office in 2016.

It is from Tom’s own “quick education” in Alzheimer’s, bourn from an urgent phone call regarding his mother that 21Voices is a personal mission for him.

Linda Massaro

Linda Massaro has been dedicated to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease since her father, Joseph Massaro, was diagnosed in 2009. Extending her philanthropic activities beyond her work with Every Child, Inc. and Jeremiah’s Place, Linda is excited to seize the opportunities that 21Voices offers. With the 21Voices documentary she see the chance to expand the dialogue about Alzheimer’s beyond research so it begins to include both conversations of compassion and making a plan, as a society, to deal with the large number of aging persons in our country.

As a native of Pittsburgh, where the aging population is significant, Linda and the entire Massaro family, see this as the perfect backdrop to launch this creative initiative.

Steven Massaro

Steven Massaro became involved in the pursuit to find a cure for Alzheimer’s through the journey he has endured since his father Joe M. Massaro, Jr. was diagnosed seven years ago. Determined to increase the public’s knowledge of Alzheimer’s and influence the financial support the Alzheimer’s medical community receives Steve finds great value in the possibilities 21Voices can offer.

Encouraged by the involvement of his mother and sister in the film, and driven by his own compassion to help others in need, Steve is hoping to bring an end to “the long goodbye” that is Alzheimer’s.

Board of Directors

Jacob Hanchar
Linda Massaro
Tom Kurlander
Steven D. Irwin
Jackie Flanagan
Randal Whitlatch
Linda A. Dickerson
Dan Henderson
Wesley Posvar
Heather Rattner
Kyle Simpson

Advisory Board
Arnie Begler
Jim Rogal
Sherry Jo Matt
Sean L. Spicer